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teacher training

the  Teacher training (SUZUKI TEACHER TRAINING) is aimed at professional musicians (violin), usually with a university degree. The course is based on the guidelines of the European Suzuki Association (European Suzuki Association ESA) and comprises five levels, each of which includes an extra-occupational annual course of 100 contact hours. The course takes place mostly  in Zurich, the dates will be fixed in consultation with the participants. On average, we meet once a month on a daily basis. The final exam takes place within  of the Suzuki workshop in Emmetten (driveway) and is confirmed with a certificate from the ESA.  


Level 1: Suzuki Violin school 1

Level 2: Suzuki Violin school 2/3

Level 3: Suzuki Violin school 4/5

Level 4: Suzuki Violin school 6/7

Level 5: Suzuki Violin school 8-10


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